Auto Pilot your Shopify Shipping

Have you ever dreamt of the day when the fulfillment and shipping part of your business was streamlined?

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Where you didn’t have to worry about which order is paid and can be shipped?

Sifting through handful’s or hundreds of orders and fulfilling them manually (entering customer addresses, product weights/dimensions, etc) and making payment manually for shipping.  Well dream no more!

Shipping Unlimited App video

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Smart Send’s Shopify Shipping Unlimited app can do all this for you and more.  Best of all it’s FREE.  You simply pay for Shopify freight costs when you fulfill orders.

The app works with Shopify, Australia’s fastest growing ecommerce platform.  Through Shopify you can use a multi-channel system to sell your goods via the following channels all at the same time:

  • Your Shopify website
  • eBay
  • Google Shopping
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Amazon
  • and more…

Smart Send has a long history in developing shipping solutions for the Australian ecommerce industry.  From our experience we’ve found Shopify to be the best ecommerce platform by far.

The Shipping Unlimited app has 3 options for fulfilling orders (Basic, Auto-Fulfill, Bulk Fulfill).  If you’re after Auto-Fulfillment:

Shipping Unlimited - Auto Fulfillment

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Shipping Unlimited is a comprehensive Shopify courier & shipping solution for all sized merchants and also provides the following benefits:

  • PDF shipping label generation with barcodes (enables tracking of goods in transit)
  • Extensive Shipping Rules/Zones functionality (never lose money on shipping again)
  • Domestic and International shipping
  • Smart Pack (save money on shipping by using smart algorithms to package your orders in the smallest possible package size)
  • Automated Buyer tracking emails (minimises buyers contacting you on the whereabouts of their orders and delivery time)
  • Access to unbelievable shipping rates through all the major B2B and B2C courier and freight companies in Australia


For more information on our free Shipping Unlimited app, please go to our dedicated site or email us at


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