What type of Shipping experience are you after?

When it comes to Shipping for your e-commerce business are you after a KIA or BMW performance?


When choosing an online courier partner you need to consider your desired outcome.

Do you want a KIA budget experience where the important thing is the cheapest price?
Or are you looking for the BMW experience, which is price competitive but includes quick pro-active customer service support to help you get it right from pickup to delivery as well as technical solutions to help streamline your online business.

I think you’d all agree that any e-Commerce business is reliant on a transport company picking up and delivering your goods in a timely manner. However the transport industry is still largely manually operated which leaves us open to human error so things can and do go wrong from time to time. When issues occur you need the best possible assistance to help you get everything back on track with the goods arriving in the intended condition as quickly as possible to your customer.

So how do you ensure the best possible outcome for your customers and your business reputation when things go wrong?
Firstly you need to ensure you’ve partnered with a business that covers all your needs, that they have an experienced customer service team that has a proven track history with excellent carrier contacts and is industry savvy, who care that your business has the best possible outcome. But you also want to be answered in a timely manner and be kept in the loop with regular updates if an issue drags on for a couple of days.

Smart Send offers all this and more. Our customer service team has a combined transport industry experience of over 65 years, in both operations and customer service across a range of the largest Australian freight companies. This gives us a unique knowledge and understanding of the industry to ensure you receive the best possible service and outcome. Smart Send works closely with all their carriers to build close working partnerships so they can deliver on what they say they can. Our current KPI’s run at 99.8% successful transactions. We take responsibility for our customer’s shipments seriously and go to great lengths to ensure all parties receive the required transport experience, to the point where we even randomly audit bookings each day to ensure not only that the goods being sent comply with our terms and conditions but are also packed adequately for transportation. This provides your goods with the possible chance of arriving in the condition intended when leaving your warehouse or premises. Ultimately this ensures you receive the positive feedback that is so important to any successful e-Commerce business.

So let’s explore what happens to the 0.2% that go wrong. Sometimes human error comes into play, which is unavoidable. Any great customer service team is only as good as the information provided by the sender. Our customer service representative will need to know what the goods are along with a detailed description of the goods. The more detail the better; colour and size of the carton, colour of the tape used to seal the carton, any logo’s or markings on the carton, if yes what colour and size. As much information as possible and photo’s are always of great assistance. Once the customer service representative has the information, you need to know they have the best possible contacts inside the depot or carriers organisation to ensure your query is give priority and this is where Smart Send excel. They will keep working on your behalf until all avenues have been exhausted, if the manner is prolonged they will offer you solutions where possible to ensure your customer experiences minimal inconvenience. If you value your company’s online reputation when it comes to delivery of your goods, this is the type of support you need.

There can be many reasons why an item is mishandled; human error is usually only a small component of this. Poor packaging that gets caught in a conveyer belt; this can rip the label, which simply means no one now knows where the goods should be addressed to. To avoid this, ensure your goods are packed well and taped tightly with no bit’s loose or sitting up. Goods sent may be too long for the conveyor belt system (most carriers have a length limit of 400cm however few carriers carry items this long well). Keep your lengths to 150cm where possible.

There are several articles around to help you ensure your goods are packed to sustain the vigor’s of transportation within Australia (in fact we’ve written a great article on smartshipper.com.au!); this is the start of a great transport experience for both yourself and your customer. If you pack well and ensure you’re partnered with the right online courier service that will go above and beyond to ensure your business receives a BMW experience. Price is only one consideration and it’s important; your carrier needs to be competitive however they also need to provide you with much more than a quoting/booking engine.

Choose the carrier that offers a complete caring solution to your business. Smart Send is passionate about ensuring anyone who chooses to partner with us receives the best possible customer service. The site is staffed from 8am to 8pm EDST time Monday to Friday (with minimal staffing over the weekends also). Queries lodged through Smart Send’s online customer service portal receive responses within 9 minutes (on average) during normal business hours.

Ask yourself again, for the long term success of your e-Commerce business is your experience going to be a BMW experience or a KIA experience?